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Promotion is the perfect way to make your company better known and increase sales. Our experienced promoters and hostesses specialise in connecting with people and generating interest in your business. We know that personal contact is crucial and can make all the difference. Use our services and let us reach your goal together!

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Whether in Hannover, Berlin or Dresden - our promoters and hostesses are always determined and professional. With their personal style, they bring your product/service closer to potential customers and arouse their interest. In sales promotion, also called sales promotion, various creative measures can be used to achieve success. One example of this is the so-called sampling promotion.

Our highly communicative promoters and promotion hostesses distribute free samples of the product to passers-by in order to establish a first point of contact between the potential customer and the product. This type of promotion is still a very effective means of acquiring new customers. Tastings are another popular way of promotion. Who would say no to free samples of unknown delicacies presented in an appealing way?

As with sampling promotions, customers can see the product for themselves and are thus encouraged to buy. Promotional campaigns in clubs, at events or in pubs are particularly popular for products and services that appeal to a young or trend-conscious audience.

This is how you can become a Promoter in Hanover with us!

Are you looking for a promotion job in Berlin? Then you've come to the right place! We are always on the lookout for new talent. Apply now, simply and easily, using the online application form! For the job as a promoter, you should be flexible, communicative, a team player and have a well-groomed appearance.
Especially in the case of job offers for international trade fairs, you may benefit from additional foreign language skills. The diverse job offers are flexible and varied, making them particularly attractive for students.
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