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Student job in Hannover

Are you still looking for the right part-time job? Then your search has come to an end! As a student, you have a decisive advantage when it comes to choosing a part-time job: You are flexible in your time management and are often already close to Germany's largest cities. Numerous events and activities take place there every year. Event personnel are constantly being sought for these. This is your chance for a hostess job with free time management thanks to our Hostess Agency Hanover. Apply now with us and use your advantage!

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Student job in Hanover: why you should become a hostess!

As a student, you are often already in the big cities in Germany, where a wide variety of events take place every year. This is exactly where trade fair hostesses, promoters, presenters and grid girls are always in demand. A student job at a trade fair in Hanover could be at the IAA (International Motor Show), for example. Trade fairs like this are becoming increasingly popular and attract business people and international visitors. This offers you the ideal opportunity for an exciting, flexible and lucrative student job in Hanover and the entire DACH region.

But why become a hostess instead of taking a part-time job in the nearest supermarket or café? In addition to an attractive salary, the main advantage is the great flexibility. With most part-time jobs, you are assigned to different shifts and have little or no say in how they are distributed. As a fair hostess in Hanover, you can choose when you have time to work, which is definitely an advantage during exam periods, for example. You decide which job you want to accept and simply turn down job requests that you don't like! This way, you have full control over your time and have enough space to balance your studies, part-time job and private life.

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How exactly do I become a hostess in Hanover?

If we have caught your interest and you would like to become a hostess in Hanover, you should bring a few qualities with you:

when dealing with many strangers, it is important that you are not shy and have a positive attitude towards the other person. A healthy self-confidence is therefore very important.

you will be working on behalf of the company, so you should know how to dress well and pay attention to your appearance.

In addition to the usual guests, there will be managers from other companies walking around the premises. You should therefore know how to behave and communicate with these people.

it is possible that no one will speak to you for a long time or that you will not be able to engage anyone in conversation. In this case, the motto is: smile and stay confident.

Due to the international nature of events, English language skills are becoming increasingly important for hostesses. Other foreign language skills are also an advantage in any case.
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